What is DSC?

DSC is "Dynamic Stability Control". This truly is a dynamic system for vehicle control. DSC works in concert with the Anti-lock brake system. It shares its components and adds a number of others to inform the computer more about dynamic forces on the vehicle. DSC evolved from a basic traction control system. It adds a further dimension by understanding lateral and rotational forces. DSC then compares these to predetermined values. The system has the ability to counteract situations such as under-steer and over-steer, acting to stabilize the vehicle. Knowing each wheel speed, the steering angle, lateral acceleration and yaw rate it can determine and correct in a fraction of a second an unstable driving condition. By applying precise braking action to an individual wheel, it transfers axle torque, which will accelerate the opposing side. DSC can also control engine output and transmission shifts via can bus communications. This ability with individual wheel speed control makes for over-all vehicle control well beyond what a driver could ever duplicate on their own. In addition to preventing or correcting a skid. The system incorporates a number of beneficial braking enhancements. By monitoring brake pressure and the rate it rises, it can be determined how rapidly a driver is attempting to stop. The system can accelerate brake action and even distribute the amount of force to each wheel where braking will be most effective. This again is well beyond the ability of driver control. Although DSC provides state of the art electronic correction of undesirable vehicle handling situations. It is important to remember vehicle stability is always subject to the laws of physics and extreme road conditions. Good judgment and common sense on the part of the driver are still required.

Voit Ritch
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