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BMW utilizes a system of lights on each car which are designed to tell the car owner when services are needed. These lights and this service scheme WILL get the car through the warranty period, but are NOT reliable guides for the long-term health of the vehicle. The BMW Inspection system is a good system, especially when performed on a regular schedule. We strongly recommend more frequent oil changes than the lights will indicate, based on miles driven, and we further recommend inspection services at 15,000 mile or about one year intervals.

Oil Service

BMW for many years now has recommended an oil service only every 15,000 miles. This was instituted when their cars started to include maintenance with purchase during the warranty period. We believe this practice to be unhealthy for the engine long term. We have witnessed many engines with significant sludge buildup that have been serviced on these schedules. On most BMW engines 1997 and newer, we recommend an oil service at 7,500 mile intervals up to 100,000 miles. From then on at 5,000 mile intervals using a high grade fully synthetic oil meeting the required specs. Doing this level of service should keep the engine clean and properly protected for a long service life.

Inspection Services

BMW recommended services include intervals termed "Inspection I " & "Inspection II ". These are their regular service routines. Typically occurring at 30,000 mile terms and alternating. These are in-depth inspections and maintenance operations. Fluids, filters, belts, being among these items that vary by model and year. These are important inspections and we recommend these intervals. We do however tend to recommend additional items to these schedules. These vary, again by model & year and include things we see patterns of failure for. Waterpumps and related cooling system pieces, crankcase ventilation assemblies and accelerated service intervals on items that can affect reliability or cause a breakdown among these. We use our extensive experience on the BMW product line to tailor an effective level of service for long term reliability and value.

Diagnostic Services

The most important consideration in servicing a modern automobile is the diagnostic ability of the shop. We feel it is necessary to utilize "factory" diagnostic equipment and information. These tools are designed specifically for BMW's product and offers complete capability to interrogate the immense complexity engineered into their cars. Having these tools and related information gives us the most direct avenue to efficiently come to an accurate conclusion to a problem. Although expensive to acquire there is value in being confident in arriving at a reliable outcome.

"Maintenance is the Key to Dependability"

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