(from the BMW CCA Pinetree Chapter Newsletter)

You & me the avid BMW owner are now driving highly technical vehicles. Designed and built by maybe the most advanced car manufacturer today. BMW as a company has long been the industries star for technical and design innovation. As BMW owners we have an appreciation for this advanced level of function. We like to maintain our BMW's to keep all that makes them special working as intended. As technology improves our comfort, safety and overall driving experience, it also complicates the process of diagnosis when a fault arises. Those who you entrust to repair your BMW need an equal level of technology to effectively correct these problems. Information is the key to diagnosing a modern automotive system. As computerization has taken hold, this information includes more than diagrams and specifications. Software is now the key to vehicle operations. To even begin to evaluate a problem, the repair shop must be able to interface the vehicles computer network. Allowing them to view the systems in question. All this information, software and communication methods are owned by the manufacturer, i.e. BMW. Car manufacturers have resisted allowing use of this needed information. Attempted legislation may even be hindering this ability. As BMW owners we are lucky to have a group of dedicated independent service facilities that has formed a cooperative group. This non-profit group called "BIMRS" has for a number of years been working to develop access to what is needed to fix your BMW. Working with each other, BMW directly and government agencies, this group has fostered a relationship that continues to allow BMW owners competent repair shop options. As a long-time working member of BIMRS , myself and this group will try to assure that any BMW can be kept in proper working order. For more information on this industry leading group visit www.bimrs.org

Voit Ritch
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